About Aadya Aviation

Greetings and a very hearty welcome to A2C Aadya Aviation College, run under the aegis of Anagha Educational Trust registered under, Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.

“Education is the process of facilitating learning, Or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits”
  • We are extremely privileged and overwhelmed with joy to see every one of you through this brochure.
  • The aim of the trust is to create a distinctive program and meticulously offer it to the students by giving prominence to career-oriented education, laced with employability skills, to enable the student aspirants employable, as well as to mold them to become entrepreneurs.
  • The trustees of Anagha Educational Trust have been in the field of academics for more than 2 decades in the areas of HR, Marketing and tutoring a large and diverse group of the student community and to practicing executives.
  • The scholar-teachers of A2C AADYA AVIATION COLLEGE is extremely privileged and overwhelmed with joy to see you, the aspiring students desirous of pursuing the burgeoning and newly emerging holistic sector – “Aviation Management course”.
  • A distinctive course in the bachelor degree programme of Bangalore North University (Aviation Management)taught by expert faculty members who recognize talent, that connects you to opportunities you can’t find elsewhere.
  • The Aviation Industry has opened its doors for a very promising career with infinite opportunities to fly around the world in various segments, both in the domestic and international.
  • A2C has a band of well qualified, dedicated and devoted faculty members who will guide and support in every step of the way, in their academic journey by molding every student into an adaptable scholar to make a seamless transition in the working world.
  • We at A2C strive to provide our students with a high-quality educational experience.
  • We welcome you to have a kaleidoscopic view of the syllabus of BBA(Aviation Management) course.
  • We wish you to have an exhilarating and exciting academic journey in the airlines’ sector to take up a resplendent and rewarding career.

We wish you all the very best.

R. Mohan Kumar
Chairman-Managing Trustee

P. Umadevi

“Until you spread your wings, You will have no idea how far you can fly.”


“To educate and guide students to play a decisive part in the development of ideas and give a new shape to the world of business and management.”


“To impart quality education coalescing with career-oriented training programs, to all segments of students community and remain steadfast, in molding and nurturing a strong will-power to the students, to face with fortitude the constantly changing career requisites with all alacrity and acumen.”

“Your wings already exist, All you have to do is to fly.”